Do-it-yourself Water Filtration

Tutorial on building your own water purification system if camping or hiking

Our Goals

What we are going to be building is a home-made water purification and filtration device for getting clean water fast and easily. Water purification is a must-have if you are outdoors in the elements and do not have access to clean water.

Why do we want clean Water?

There are hundreds of organisms that live and dwell in streams and stagnant water sources. If this is where you are getting water, your best chance at not getting sick is to filter the water as best as you can.

Materials Needed

  1. Empty Plastic Bottle
  2. Bowl or cup to collect water in
  3. Sciscors
  4. Needle
  5. Activated Carbon (see link below article to purhcase)
  6. Filter Paper (coffee filter, paper towel or similar item)
  7. Candle or Fire source

Requirements cut the bottle in half horizontally, you can use a regular size bottle or for larger purification you can use a 2-liter bottle.

Step 1. Heat needle on-top of flame

Get the front tip of the needle hot over an open flame. Allow the need to get warm for at-least 60-seconds. This will allow the needle to puncture our Empty Plastic Bottle much more easily while also providing a great way at sterilizing the water.

Step 2. Puncture holes in the plastic bottle.

Turn the bottle upside down and puncture 4-6 small holes in the bottom of the bottle.
Note: The more you make the quicker the filtration will work, however this will yield you poorer filtration results.

Step 3. Fill the bottom-half of the bottle with activated carbon (the more the better)

(see the bottom of the article for purchase links if you don’t have any)

Pour the dry active carbon in the bottom half of the empty bottle we cut in half. Fill this about 3/4th’f full.

Step 4. Make a cone using your paper or filter device.

Using a coffee filter, roll it up gently so it is in the shape of a cone, a very tight shaped cone.

Step 6. Fold the bottom of the cone-shaped filter upwards and use a paperclip to help hold the fold in place.

You will want the fold of the filter to be roughly half an inch upwards. The paperclip will help with this.

Step 7. Set the filter inside the top-half of the bottle so the bottom part of the filter is sticking out from the lip of the bottle.

This will allow a slow drip to feed onto our activated carbon below to help filter the water.

Step 8. Now set the bottle lip-side down onto the carbon-filled bottom half. Then place everything inside the empty bowl or water capturing device.

Step 9. Put it in action.

You may begin to pour or capture water and run the water through the top-part of our DIY filtration device. Water will first be cleaned using the coffee filter or paper towel you have placed.

Then, it will slowly drip into the bottom-half of the bottle into activated carbon, which will help pull some of the water pollutants towards the surface while allowing the cleaned parts to move to the bottom of the bottle.

The 4-6 puncture marks we made earlier will then allow the clean water to excrete from the bottle into our bowl or cup capturing the cleaned filtrated water.

Takeaway’s and side-notes.

You may also want to boil the water after you’ve filtered it. Our home-made filtration system will clean the heavy and hard parts of the water, however unwanted bacteria may still be present in the water.

You will want to boil the water for at-least 2 minutes. Then allow 20-30 minutes for it to cool before drinking.



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